Speak Out Society

Speak up, even if your voice shakes.

Where am I?

could this be hell?

SOS Q&A: Neglected

What are the things and who are the people you barely notice each day that you should be thankful for?


I'm a walking travesty but I'm smiling at everything.

10 AM, Gare Du Nord

Please do not break my heart. I think it's had enough pain to last the rest of my life.

SOS Q&A: Disappear

"Sometimes you think you wanna disappear but all you really want is to be found."


"I love her, and that is the beginning and end of everything." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Hide and Seek

Where are we? What the hell is going on? The dust has only just begun to form.

SOS Q&A: Consequences

What will you do in an alternate reality in a world where nothing has any effect?


I chose "safe" over you. But you... I was never one of your choices.


I smile because it's easier... Than telling you a lie.

Poison and Wine

Imaginations of what ifs... Realizations of what's here.


And maybe, just maybe I’ll come home...

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